£12.50: Can give a family, who have just found out that their baby is deaf, 20 minutes of free, confidential support through our Helpline.

£20: Fund one smart shaker alarm for our Roadshow bus.

£50: Fund Technology trolleys to use during our Roadshow outreach visits.

£60: Could enable a deaf child to borrow a digital streamer from the National Deaf Children’s Society that will help them to listen to the TV and music, use the phone and have a conversation in a noisy place for the first time.

£100: Purchase Roadshow specific souvenir for deaf children and young people i.e. Roadshow keyring/pens.

£100: Fund an assistive technology product for our Technology Test Drive service.

£185: Could enable a deaf child to borrow a radio aid system from the National Deaf Children’s Society that will help them hear better in a noisy classroom or an after-school club.

£476: Will give a deaf child the chance to go on a weekend event, where they can make friends, gain confidence and be included in the same way as any other child.

£1,000: Fund 1 Roadshow Bus Outreach kit (technology).

£2,500: Fund new technology for the Roadshow Bus or additional IPads.

£2,500: Support our deaf young campaigners for six months to identify areas of change that they want to make in their lives and campaign for change. These funds would include monthly newsletters sharing social action.

£3,300: Fund the chance for school children to take part in confidence boosting workshops and try out new technology on our Roadshow bus.

£5,000 – Funds the development of a technology video that provides useful information about different tech products and how they benefit deaf children and young people.

£5,000: Fund a 10- week parenting course where 8–10 families can learn how to support their deaf child.

£10,000 – Allow us to buy new and emerging assistive technologies for our Technology Test Drive service - to support deaf children and young people overcome barriers to language and communication and independence.

£10,000: Fund the development of careers information, visual artist and filmed resources for deaf young people, parents and professionals on improving careers support for deaf children and young people.

£10,000: Go toward funding a years’ worth of Roadshow Bus outreach visits – approx. 35 school visits.

£20,000: Go toward funding Roadshow Bus visits, including staff travel and accommodation, to allow us to carry out approx. 100 visits to over 2000 deaf children and young people.

£20,000: Go toward funding the creation of a deaf children and young people’s website for those 8-18 years, with information, support, stories and encourage young people to make friends to reduce social isolation.

£20,000 – Fund the development of a web based Chatbot to support deaf children, young people, their families and professionals to access relevant and up-to-date technology information and resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

£114,000: Fund the running costs of our product loan service, The Technology Test Drive, which allows families to test expensive equipment before buying, so they can choose the best products for their child. This service helped more than 500 families last year.

Deaf Child Worldwide: South Asia

  • £10: Fund the travel costs of 10 deaf children to attend one-week study camps in Karnataka, India.
  • £20: Fund training of 3 adolescent deaf girls in Odisha on health, hygiene and sanitation.
  • £50: Fund training of 50 primary school teachers in one year on deaf friendly teaching methods in Odisha.
  • £100: Fund training of 20 deaf youth on life skills and personal safety in Odisha.
  • £500: Fund safeguarding training of 150 parents of deaf children in West Bengal (India) over one year.
  • £547: Could pay for a two day sign language course for teachers in India.
  • £1,000: Fund the training of 150 front-line Government health workers in West Bengal (India) on how to identify deaf children and do a basic assessment over 3 years.
  • £2,500: Fund the running costs for 1 year of 4 Early Childhood Development Centres in Bangladesh for 60 deaf children < 5 years old, where they are taught how to communicate, socialisation skills and pre-primary learning concepts as preparation for when they will join mainstream primary schools.
  • £3,000: Fund regular academic support in learning centres and at home for 160 by CBRWs and DRMs for deaf children at primary education level over one year period.
  • £10,000: Cover the costs to ensure that 240 deaf youth in West Bengal and Odisha (who have received basic literacy and workplace behaviour training) are placed in work placements or on-the job training positions – (over 3 years).
  • £20,000: Fund the training of 20 female deaf role models on Sexual Reproductive Health who will, in turn, further train 500 deaf young girls.
  • £50,000: Fund the development of a pool of deaf Master Trainers for South Asia - 40 DRMs over 3 years - trained in educational support for deaf children, child protection, life skills.