Saigon Children’s Charity was founded in 1992 to help disadvantaged children get an education and a fairer start in life. Saigonchildren aims to work across the country to overcome barriers to education for children, including poverty, geography, knowledge and disability, through our four core programmes including Scholarships, School Building, Vocational and Skills Training and Special Needs Education Programme.

In late 2018, saigonchildren received The Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister of Vietnam in recognition of our work improving access to education and contributing to Vietnam’s economic development.

Saigonchildren intends to utilise the funding to support our annual Child Development Scholarship programme. The scholarship varies depending on different grades level.

This funding will enable students from rural areas to continue their education in the coming academic year, which will shorten their journey to changing their future and improving their lives. The scholarship package includes tuition fees, uniforms, health insurance, books, stationery, and other necessary expenses required to facilitate their education.