Child Action Lanka (CAL), founded in 2006 with the objective of serving underprivileged and street-connected helpless children who live across Sri Lanka, now serves over 1500 children in 8 districts in Sri Lanka and the wider community living amongst them. Our programs include providing early childhood education, day care facilities through creche, a study aid education program for school kids, child protection, health and nutrition, children’s clubs, feeding programs, and school requisites such as school bags, uniforms, and stationery. We also conduct women's empowerment projects, run welfare societies, and distribute care packs and dry rations to help deserving families in our communities.

As part of the emergency relief projects we implement, we just completed the program "Hope is Greater than COVID," providing financial and psychosocial assistance to the families who lost their sole breadwinner due to COVID-19. We have an ongoing project to provide 250,000 cups of milk to children who are facing malnutrition due to the present economic crisis. The distribution is done in all 25 districts of the island.

Fundraising will be spent to provide programs to maximize their impact and increase the number of beneficiaries served. As CAL provides a holistic approach to child development and community development, The funds raised can be channeled towards our “Reach for the Stars” program, where students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are keen and talented in areas such as music, arts and crafts and sports can be sponsored to pursue personalized training or qualifications to help them achieve their potential. This program serves as an incredible initiative for talent spotting and supporting our kids’ talents, so that they can develop a skill set to help them get into a good Secondary School, or a good career in the future.